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Now it will be easier to collect information on Google

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Now it will be easier to collect information on Google trick new

At the present time, Google has become the solution to almost every problem we have. Be it knowing anything, seeing, listening or learning anything, the first solution to all these confusions is google. That’s why Google is currently the world’s most popular search engine, which has joined our list of important needs in today’s time.

Not the word, just google has become search :

Online search engine Google today is capable of answering 99% of our questions. For this, for the past several years, Google has been improving its artificial mechanism and search mechanism to provide better and necessary search results to users.

You can now search not just about a news or topic on Google, but also a lot more. This includes weather, calculations, pronunciation in any language, unit conversion and much more. The tips here can be helpful for you to easily find information on a topic on Google. Use (‘) for random word search when you want to use a word/word.

If you do not know about the particular subject, then it is necessary to type the exact word to find it and get the result as desired. “) use. Using Star fills the spaces between Google words.

‘OR’ for joint openness :

To view the news related to the two search results in Google at the same time, add the ‘OR keyword’ between them. Like if you type ‘India or USA’, you will see all the news in the result, which is related to India-America.

Search hashtags :

Google also lets users search for hashtags in search. Just search
Add ‘# in front of you.e.g. #Lezpaa.com it will help you on any platform
The word Lezpaa is used, he will look in front.

The use of hyphen (-) is also beneficial :

Hyphens can be used in search to exclude a particular word from Google’s search result. With this, you will see all the results related to that product on your page and the rest of the uninformed information will not be seen.

Using @ for social media serves :

Add @next to a word to search on social media, such as if you have to search about ‘Lezpaa Magazine’ on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., you type @Lezpaa.com there.

Do it with your voice :

Now on Google you don’t always have to type in to find a topic. You can easily search for any topic by speaking in your voice. For this, say ‘okGoogle‘ or select the microphone and send a message to Google in your voice.

Using the Dedicated Search tab :

The Google Search Results page also features some specified search tabs at the top, which allow you to categorize the topic you want to open. For example, if you want to do an image search, select the Image tab. Google also offers users the features of maps, pallets, shopping, etc. tabs.

Use of quotes is beneficial :

It is also right to use quotes to do a full-fledged frege search on Google or to make a particular word necessary. By adding quotes to your search keyword or phrase, google confirms the inclusion of the whole phrase or that particular word in the google search result. This helps you get better search results.

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