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Christmas messages at the highest altitude in the world

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World's tallest and tallest digital Merry Christmas
World’s tallest and tallest digital “Merry Christmas” Candy Cane and Santa’s “Magic City” Skyline Sleeve Fly Magic Show Miami City’s Paramount WorldCenter

Best Message For Christmas At Highest Altitude In The World

Miami, Florida, USA, showcased the world’s largest electronic elf. Skyscraper at world center.

This is the first time the message of ‘Merry Christmas’ has been conveyed. It also shows an animated image of Santa. It built on a 60-storey building.

It is. Ultra-futuristic Paramount is the country’s largest building and is also known as the city within the city AP

The world’s tallest and tallest digital “Merry Christmas” candy cane, the world’s largest electronic elf, and santa’s flying sleigh’s world’s largest animated image is lighting up South Florida’s skyline this holiday season. Sixty-storey Paramount Miami World Center skyscraper in the city of Miami.

Christmas messages at the highest altitude in the world

The 700-foot-high sixty-storey Paramount Miami World Center skyscraper is showcasing the world’s tallest digital “Merry Christmas” message, showing a picture of Santa’s sled in the skies of Miami.

The growing signature superstructure of “Magic City” has the most technically advanced LEDs. Animation systems, which will illuminate Miami’s skyline this holiday season through Christmas night.

From the night of December 23 to the night of December 25, the $700 million Paramount Miami WorldCenter Tower, which has the world’s tallest and most technologically advanced animation lighting system, is igniting thousands of light-emitting diodes (LEDs). A Fantastic Christmas Skyline Lightshow

Paramount Miami World Center 851 NE First Avenue, Miami, Florida 33132. is located on

Source: Paramount Miami WorldCenter

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