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Fear of failure of aircraft systems due to 5G in America

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Fear of failure of aircraft systems due to 5G in America

Several flights cancelled over launch of 5G services in US :

Several flights to the US have been cancelled over the new 5G service starting Wednesday, affecting thousands of passengers, including people travelling to India, with several international airlines, including Air India, announcing that they will cancel their flights to the US. He has warned that signals from the new 5G phone service could affect the navigation altogether of airplanes.

The U.S. Aviation Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said on January 14 that the 5G effect on the aircraft’s radio altimeter could stop the engine and braking system, making it difficult to stop the aircraft on the runway. Air India said that the implementation of the 5G communication service has led to a cut-off revision of our operations from India to the US.

  • Low-visibility operations may cause a lot of trouble
  • Engine and braking system obstructed from entering landing mode

10 airlines demand ban on G :

10 major AMERICAN airlines have written a warning letter saying that 5G services should not be allowed to be launched unless clearances are received from airlines over 5G. The warnings include US cargo airlines.

Air India warns of emergency :

Air India has tweeted that 5G communications are being used at US airports and the launch of this internet service will have a direct impact on aircraft flying and controlling systems. US airlines have warned that airlines may collapse within 36 hours of the launch of 5G service. Emergency-like situation could occur. G services could be launched in the US The government had already been warned of this threat. Many other countries, including Japan, are cancelling thousands of flights due to the introduction of 5G technology.

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