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Canada’s first state of emergency in 50 years- the covid protests

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Canada's first state of emergency in 50 years- the covid protests

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Todo used emergency powers on Monday to end :

Under the Emergency Act, the government has taken this step with the aim of cutting the funds of the protesters. For the first time in 50 years, a state of emergency has been imposed in Canada. Angry with the inevitability of getting the COVID-19 vaccine and the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, truck drivers have paralysed Canada’s capital, Ottawa.

At the same time, a convoy of trucks has blocked the Ambassador’s Bridge connecting Windsor in Ontario to the US city of Detroit, bringing traffic and trade between the two countries to a standstill. Todo said that such a blockade is harming our economy and also endangering public safety. We cannot and will never allow illegal and dangerous activities to continue. However, Todo has ruled out the possibility of using the military. He said the emergency measures have been taken for a definite time-frame.

Earlier, Todo had urged all protesters to go home, saying the illegal activity should end and it will end. We hope that if these people do not decide to go home, the police will intervene. The Canadian Civil Liberties Association said the government had not met the standard of enforcing the Emergency Act.

Opposition to the inevitability and restrictions of corona vaccine

The demonstration began on January 29 :
Angry over the requirement of getting the Covid-19 vaccine and the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, truck drivers have been protesting against the government of Todo since January 29. The protesters have parked their trucks and built tents on the streets of Ottawa, and have also closed a bridge on the U.S.-Canada border.

Govt to freeze accounts of protesters :

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said banks would be able to freeze the personal accounts of anyone associated with the protest without the need for a court order. Vehicle insurance of a person involved in the demonstration can also be suspended. The police will be given more powers to seize the protesters’ trucks.

At the same time, the police will be given more equipment to imprison or fine protesters and protect critical infrastructure.

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