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There is a need for fair rewriting of Indian history.

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There is a need for fair rewriting of Indian history.

The search for truth The truth of Sanatana :

The discovery of truth is an eternal and endless journey. Our culture has witnessed this journey. This witness ingspirit became the basis of history. History writing is a sacred and researching act to gain knowledge of truth. We have to study history to know the period during which the political, social, cultural and geographical nature of the country and the world has been. We also read the history of other countries to gain knowledge of the nature, civilization, power and weaknesses of other human groups.

From the early journey of human development to the 21st century, a variety of controversies were associated with history writing. Somewhere, dates and periods were deliberately made with terrible mistakes and somewhere the facts were tampered with. Sometimes history writing under the influence of a particular ideology left its side effects on new generations, sometimes an extremism painted the pages of history in its colour.

The vision of the history writer, if any, is narrow, he gives only flawed or partial truth in history, and we all know that the fragmented history written from a fragmented point of view has a slightly greater impact on future generations. If an interesting imaginary fact is added to the truth, it is eagerly read more by the people and most of them become side-effects. Fairand nationalising is the first condition for the history writer of any nation, otherwise he can lay the foundation for the destruction of the nation by writing his history.

Some tinkering in the thousands of years of Indian historiography :

History writing is not just a mode of writing, but the creation of the past. Unfortunately, in thousands of years of Indian history writing, some elements presented half of India’s true and glorious history to society. By the second decade of the 21st century, the demand for rewriting history in India is gaining momentum. Recently, Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat said that those who tamper with history can never be patriots. On one occasion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also said that injustice has been done to Indian great men in history writing.

Now, this injustice should be removed. It is very essential. We don’t even have to cover up our evils in history writing, but we have to explain so much Where were the roots of those evils in the nation? Sati was practiced in a part of the country before the British rule. It was an inhuman practice.

The history writers hit out at this evil practice in their texts, but if they had given a proper look at the reasons for its birth, the scenario would have been something else. If the incidents of Sati were more during a particular decade or during the reign of the ruler, they should also have been recorded in a history book.

History in the name of renaissance in the nation :

An attempt was also made to write history in the name of renaissance in the nation. Whenever an invader came, the drum of the Renaissance was beaten here. It is as if a French ambassador to England comes and gives the details of England according to his texts and later the same description should be considered as the history of England. The same problem came with Indian history. Someone came with the invader or the victorious army and continued to create the history of India with his descriptions and later our historians continued to write in a somewhat snappy manner.

It is a fact that there was also the illusion by certain historians that there was a practice of caste discrimination or untouchability in Hindu society, whereas the fact was that the caste character of untouchability first flourished in Muslim dominated areas. The manual scavenging was carried out by a particular class and made untouchable. Later, the same untouchable class was declared a vicious evil practice of the society by the British rule in the name of Dalit caste and tried to tarnish the national character of India in the world society. Those who are familiar with the rural culture of India will know that people used to go to fields, rivers, ponds, etc. Therefore, the common practice of scavenging was often negligible in Indian society.

The practice evolved from the palaces of the Mughal rulers :

This practice developed from the palaces of the Mughal rulers. A section was forced to do it. It was under the influence of foreign rule that historians propagated Indian society, especially Hindu society, as unjust and exploitative for thousands of years, contrary to the truth. To know the nature of India, it is necessary to put forward authentic historical facts and rewrite the history of India in a fair manner, because history rebuilds our past. It should not be tampered with.

Let us not forget that when civilization and culture were not even developed in other countries, dev culture was created in India. Whenever a foreigner came in contact with this culture, he was fascinated by it. History and glorious past were indecently tampered with not only by colonists and imperialists but also in Mexico, Peru and Brazil etc. While writing history, we have to note that Indian philosophy of life is neither a follower of any Western philosophy nor dependent on words, but it depends on sensations.

There is a need for fair rewriting of Indian history.


Author : Neerja Madhav
Female novelist
Story writer, Essayist


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