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Shaoli Mitra, the powerful actress of Bengali theater, is no more

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Shaoli Mitra, the powerful actress of Bengali theater, is no more

Famous Bengali actress Shaoli Mitra left Bengali theater as an orphan at the age of 74.

She was infected with pneumonia for a long time. On the 16th of this month, he breathed his last around three forty. His last rites were performed at Tallyganj Siriti crematorium around 9 pm. The only child and heir of Tripti Mitra Vashambhu Mitra has left a bright mark of its own significance.

No one even came to know about his death before the funeral ceremony. Shaoli Mitrane wrote his last wish letter in 2020. In this letter, he had written that only after his cremation someone should be informed of his death.

His father Shambhu Mitra also wrote a similar last wish letter in 1997. His daughter followed him. He wrote that he should not be decorated with flowers. Shaoli always wished that she should not be treated in the hospital. His Manas son and daughter, Pritam Sayak Chakraborty and Arpita Ghosh (Rajya Sabha MP) performed the cremation. On this occasion, dramatist Devesh Chattopadhyay and only a few relatives of Shaoli attended.

She was running ill since 2019. She used to say time and again that if I did not follow my father, people would blame me. Shaoli played the role of ‘Bangbala’ in Rithvik Ghatak’s film ‘Jukti Tokko Aar Goppo’. Since then she became famous. He acted in several plays with Bahurupi Natya Group and Pancham Vaidik. Best performance in plays like Pagla Ghoda, Nathabati Anathbat, Galileo, Vitang Beetangs, Post Office, Putul Khela, Katha Amritsamaan, Ekti Political Murder.

Whoever saw his acting became his admirer. Apart from this, he also acted in many plays.

The day his acting was performed in Kolkata, the halls would become housefull. He was awarded many awards for his contribution in the field of acting. He was awarded the Sangeet Natak Akademi in 2003, the Padma Shri in 2009, the Bangavibhushan in 2012 and the Deenbandhu Award in 2014. She was also the president of Shaoli Bangla Academy.

In the year 2011, he was made the chairman of the committee formed to celebrate the 150 birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore. In the Bengali language, he wrote many books like Ganatya, Navnatya, Satnatya and Shambhu Mitra, Tarpan, Didrksha etc. Shaoli Mitra’s contribution to Bengali theater will never be forgotten. He had a wonderful power to make people his own immediately. It can be said that Shaoli was the worthy daughter of her parents.

His acting stream was that of Tripti Mitra-Shambhu Mitra. He always lived with his head raised, never compromised with anyone. He never compromised on theatrical subjects. She was a great actress.

In Nathabati Anathbat and Katha Amritsamaan, he proved his mettle for his acting. She supported Mamta Banerjee during the Singur and Nandigram movement and remained associated with this movement. When Taslima Nasreen was evicted from Kolkata, Shaoli Mitra strongly opposed it by taking out a procession and from the stage. It is said that it is not possible to choose the time of death, but Shaoli Mitra himself wrote the drama after that.

Author – Jitendra Singh

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