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Dharam is the solution to every problem, the first goal of life is peace

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Dharam is the solution to every problem, the first goal of life is peace

It cannot be that someone is religious, practices religion and his life has not changed.

Religion is that the medium by which we will reach the basis of problems. this is often a strong medium that may move us from the globe of reflections to the core. Today, we are occurring our journey on the shadow of reflections. the first poor person is lying somewhere and therefore the reflection is being worshipped. the primary goal of our lives is to stay our body healthy.

The second goal is to stay the mind healthy, happy. The third goal is to stay emotions healthy, be clean. do not have negative thoughts, keep positive emotions constantly, friendship and compassion still develop. of these are necessary to create the garden of life green, but the garden of life won’t be green by irrigating the leaves. the reality of faith is that what’s religious will certainly change.

It can’t be that somebody is religious, practices religion and his life has not changed. Being religious means embarking on a journey of change, moving towards conversion.

This is where the journey of a brand new life begins and therefore the vibrations of spirituality awaken in it. The illusion of the person is broken. the kid sees the moon reflected within the water and tries to catch it. it’s not the initial moon, it’s only a mirrored image of it. Problems also are the colors of life, reflections, not origins. If we don’t try and have a look at|take a look at|observe|study} the first and only look at the reflection, we’ll get the image, not the initial.

Finding the reality means we don’t stand still on the image, move forward and check out to achieve the basis. Today, violence is on the increase, terror has increased, suspicion towards one another has increased, faith has decreased thanks to the false approach to taking reflections because the root cause. This false approach has confused man most that he’s powerless to create any decision. Religion can definitely help during this.

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