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Why was the 1968 Olympics so important- The Story of Mexico Olympics

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what happened at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico city…


Why was the 1968 Olympics so important- The Story of Mexico Olympics
Picture of the 1968 medal distribution ceremony

Tommie smith and john Carlos picture

This picture is related to a major event of the Civil Rights movement protest in America. This is a photo of the medal ceremony of the 200 meters at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City. The American national anthem is playing and the two players standing with their heads bowed and fists are American sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos. This is Afro-American. They won gold and bronze medals respectively.

He was not wearing shoes. With only socks offered, both of them tried to show that American black people are poor.

Smith also wore an art muffler-like garment around his neck that symbolized the pride of black people. Colors wore a garland of black beads in memory of the black people killed. With these symbols and methods, he tried to draw the attention of the international community towards apartheid in America. Black gloves and tied fists were a symbol of black power. Silver medalist Australian sprinter Peter Norman showed his support for the two American athletes by wearing a human rights badge on his jersey at the awards ceremony.

  • Was it right for Carlos and Smith to raise the internal affairs of American society on the international stage?
  • Would you consider his work political?
  • Peter Norman, who was neither American nor black, joined the protest, would you have been in his place?

The International Olympic Association convicted Carlos and Smith of making political statements against the spirit of the Olympics, and their medals were withdrawn. The place was not given, but his decisions succeeded in drawing the attention of the world to the growing civil rights protest in America. Recently, San Jose State University, where both of them studied, felicitated both of them and erected their statue inside the university. When Norman died in 2006, Smith Carlos was also among those shouldering his funeral.

In 2005, San Jose State University erected a 20-foot-tall statue of Tommy Smith and John Carlos as a symbol of protest.

What is Afro American?

The term Afro American, Black American, or Black is used to refer to people who were enslaved to America from Africa from the 17th century to the beginning of the 19th century. Since African people are black, the word black was used for this.

Civil Rights movement protest in America (1954 -1968)

This movement was started in 1954 by Afro American people. Its purpose was to end atrocities and discrimination against Afro-American people. The main issue of this was apartheid. In which there was the most discrimination between black and white people. The movement was completely non-violent. It sought to end the laws and practices discriminatory on the basis of race which eventually succeeded. This protest was fought under the leadership of Martin Luther King Jr.

  • civil rights movement¬†background

What is the Black Power movement protest?

This protest started in 1966 and continued till 1975. The attitude of this movement regarding racism was more fierce. It believed that there was no harm in resorting to violence to eradicate racism from America.

  • what was the significance of the black power salute at the 1968 what was the significance of the black power salute at the 1968 Olympics


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