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No other natural social institution like family in our life

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No other natural social institution like family in our life

Family, Marriage and Kinship :

Perhaps there is no other natural social institution like the family. Often we think that all families are the same as our families, that is, the environment everywhere, but in fact, the atmosphere of each pavira is different. No other social institution looks so comprehensive and irreversible.

Sociology and social anthropology conducted regional research in different cultures for decades to show how family, marriage and kinship institutions are important in all societies, despite being separate in different societies.

He also showed how the family (private sector) deals with economic, political, cultural, educational (public sector). It may remind you again as to why there is a need for transactions on a number of topics which we have discussed in Chapter 1. According to activists, family plays a very important role The functional approach argues that modern industrial societies perform the best if women take care of the family and earn the livelihood of the male family. However, studies conducted in India suggest that families do not need to be the root of the industrial parameters of the economy.

Yet this example shows that a trend based on the experiences of a society cannot be generalised. According to the activists, the original family is considered to be one of the best resourceful units to meet the needs of the industrial society. In such a family, one member of the household works outside the house and the other member has handled the house and the family. Practically, this uniqueization of roles in the parent family involves an ‘influential’ emotional role in the domestic structure of the husband’s ‘helper’ and the wife (Giddins 2001). This approach can be questioned not only because of unfair gender discrimination.

But, the empirical studies of history and many cultures show that this is not true. In fact, you will see in the discussion of work and economy that in contemporary industry like textile exports, women are a very wide part of labour power. This kind of compulsory division is also that men are essentially the heads of the family. The box below shows that it is not necessarily true.

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