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Bodhi tree as Satguru – bodh tree are rare in the world

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Bodhi tree as Satguru - bodh tree are rare in the world

Free men or satgurus are rare in the world, yet in search of the Satguru mountain, Saguna is the fundamental desire of Brahma to remedy the liberation of each of his molecular minds.

So it is also their job to thank the nuclear mind by giving it a vision at the appropriate time. Saguna Brahma as a satguru gives darshan at the appropriate time only to satisfy the strong desire of the atomman. If not, the purpose of creation itself would have been in vain. Therefore, it is useless to roam around in the meditation of the Satguru. The purpose is only to arouse a strong desire for liberation. Now it should be known how to think of the Satguru, so that the common people can also easily recognize him.

Is it the speciality of the Satguru to possess or perform supernatural power?

But, is there any purpose of performing vibhuti for the benefit of acceptance as a satguru for a free man endowed with all personalities? It has already been said that in any stage, the behavior of super-natural power leads to the moral degradation of man.

Therefore, those who try to be distinguished as satgurus by displaying their super-natural power cannot be free men. It is only advisable to stay away from this type of person. The Satguru is not considered by possessing supernatural power and its performance.

Sadhguru is a free man, the influence of nature cannot touch him. The bonding net of the hexahyripu (work, anger, greed, infatuation, attachment, jealousy) and ashta pashya (hatred, doubt, fear, shame, jugupsa, kul, modesty, man) arising out of undividymia cannot subdue them. They keep pace with the physical character of the cycle of creation with the help of Vidya Maya.

That is, they pursue conscience and detachment. Only such persons are called satgurus. Man can benefit from liberation by following the practice method of cultivation introduced by the Satguru. But by not doing sadhana, only relying on the Satguru does not lead to success. Liberation without cultivation is impossible.

Author – Sri Sri Anandamurthy

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